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From this section it is possible to access to the information related to the Lecturers involved in the Quill project in the 6 European partner countries.
Name and Surname University Country
Norbert Conti German as a Foreign Language Austria
Blazsani-Batto Iosefina Romanian as a second language, Academic reading and writing in Romanian Azerbaijan
TOPALA OANA Romanian language, culture and civilization Belgium
Marinela Mladenova Bulgarian language, Slavic languages Bulgaria
Mirena Patseva Bulgarian as a foreign language; Bulgarian for special purposes Bulgaria
Krasimira Koleva - USE THE FIRST FILE ! Bulgarian language, Bulgarian as a foreign language Bulgaria / Ukraine
Assia Assenova Bulgarian as a foreign language Bulgaria, Italy
Krasimira Koleva Bulgarian language and culture Bulgaria, Ukraine
Beate Muzard German for the Professions, German as a Foreign Language France
Christian Berlin English language & culture Swedish language & culture comparative literature France
Johann Fischer German for Specific Purposes Germany
Nimigean Gina Romanian language as a foreign language, Romanian Culture and Civilization Greece / Romania
Andrea Petrikné Zseni German Linguistics, German children's and teenage literature, methodology of teaching German as a foreign language, German pedagogical language Hungary
Attila Mócza General English language course - Beginner English language course - Intermediate English language course - Advanced English language course - English phonetics and phonology - Descriptive Grammar of English - English Children’s literature - English liter Hungary
Erika Köböl methodology of animal assisted therapy for students with special needs Hungary
Etelka Tóth Hungarian descriptive grammar, Orthography, First language acquisition, Stylistics (Hungarian as a Foreign Language Hungary
Eva Ujlakyné Szűcs Teaching English to Young Learners; Children's Literature Hungary
Ildikó Szabó English Grammar, Anglo-Saxon Civilisation, English as a Foreign Language, Methodology to Teach Mother Tongue Hungary
Judit Hardi English as a Foreign Language, English Descriptive Grammar. Anglo-Saxon Literature, British Studies, Children’s Literature, English Methodology Hungary
Krisztina Streitman Neumayerné British History, British and American civilization, Intercultural Communication, Children’s literature, Methodology I, II, Reading, Writing skills, Pedagogical language Hungary
Mladen Pavičić • Slovene as a Foreign Language • Slovene Culture • Slovene Civilzation Hungary
Tamás Csontos English for Specific Purposes, Research Methodology, First Language Acquisition Hungary
Jürgen Ferner German ITALIA
Giorgia Ferrari Finnish language, Finnish literature Italy
Laura Balbiani German Linguistics, German LSP Italy
Luisa Bavieri L2 Italian Italy
Marina Artese Italian as a secondo language Italy
Paola Polselli Italian as a Second Language (ISL) Teaching Italian as a Second Language (ISL) in plurilingual formal settings Italy
Roberta Gulinelli L2 Italian Italy
Sandro M. Moraldo (Coordinator) German as Foreign Language, Internet Linguistics, Italy
Sanna Maria Martin Finnish language, Finnish literature Italy
Teresa Quarta Italian as a Second Language Italy
Topoliceanu Harieta Romanian language Italy
Ineta Luka English for Special Purposes, English for Academic Purposes, Pedagogy and Education Management of Higher Education Institutions, Research Methodology, Research Methods, Tourism, and Market Research Latvia
Ernesta Kazakėnaitė Lithuanian language for foreigners, Latvian language for Lithuanians Lithuania
Hannah Shipman-Gricienė English lexis, History of British Culture (Learner of Lithuanian language as a foreign language) Lithuania
Jūratė Derukaitė Lithuanian for non-native speakers Lithuania
Jūratė Helsvig English, Business English, Professional English Lithuania
Jūratė Patackaitė German and Russian as a second foreign languages, Business German Lithuania
Loreta Chodzkiene English for Specific Purposes Communication across Cultures Academic Writing Design of a Research Paper English Lexis Lithuanian for Foreigners LITHUANIA
Margarita Gaubytė The Lithuanian language Lithuania
Olga Medvedeva English for specific purposes ( business, law) Lithuania
Rita Vickienė Lithuanian for Foreigners Norms of the Lithuanian Language Lithuanian for Specific Purposes and Communication Lithuania
Vaida Buivydiene Lithuanian Lithuania
Violeta Žemaitienė German language Lithuania
Bartosiewicz-Nikolaev Olga The Basics of Literary Theory, Contemporary Culture of Romania (Cinema), Contemporary Romanian Society, History of Romanian Literature (20th & 21st century), Translations of Romania Literature in Poland, Practical Romanian Language Course (A0-B2) Poland
Oczko Anna Romanian as a Foreign Language Poland
Ilie Loredana - Nicoleta Practical Course in Romanian Poland, Romania
Alexandra Fiéis Syntax, English Linguistics, Language Development in Multilingual Contexts, Assessment and Development of Materials, Intercultural Education, Specific Methodologies for Second Language Teaching Portugal
Alexandra Soares Rodrigues Syntax and Morphology, Introduction to linguistics, Text analysis and production Portugal
Catarina Mangas Portuguese language for specific purposes Portugal
Estefânia Gomes English as a foreign language (EFL), English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Portugal
Filipa Perdigão English for Tourism Portugal
Graça Chorão English for specific purposes; Translation of Technical Texts, Portugal
Lídia Santos Portuguese language Portugal
Luciana Bessa English for specific purposes (tourism; international relations and marketing) Portugal
Mariana Killner Portuguese Portugal
Mark Daubney (contact lecturer) Business English, English for Media Studies Portugal
Paula Cristina Ferreira Portuguese as a foreigner language; Portuguese for specific purposes Portugal
Paula Rama da Silva English Portugal
Popović Virginia Romanian literature 1-8 Republic of Serbia
Badea Mihaela-Gabriela Oral Communication in Romanian, Romanian and English Language Teaching Romania
Căpraru Angelica-Maria Romanian Culture and Civilization, Romanian as a Foreign Language Romania
Chirilă Arina English, Romanian language and literature Romania
Dafinoiu Cristina The Romanian language for foreigners Romania
Elisabeth Lazarou German as a Foreign Language, CLIL, LSP with focus on STEM, especially Engineering Education, Business and Economics and Medicine Romania
Gafu Maria Cristina Romanian culture and civilization, Witing skills România
Iridon Cristina Teaching Romanian as Second Language, Latin Language, History of the Romanian Language, Studies of Comparative Literature, Multicultural Institutional Communication Romania
Kasprzyk Dariusz Pawel Polish as a foreign language Romania
Leon Ioana Laura English for Specific Purposes, Romanian as a Foreign Language Romania
Mrożek-Myszkowska Jadwiga Polish language Romania
MUNTEANU SONIA CARMEN Romanian as a Foreign Language, ESP, Professional communication Romania
Pădurețu Sanda Romanian as a Foreign Language, Written and oral text reception, Romanian Culture and Civilization, Specialized languages Romania
Rînciog Diana Carmen Mirela Writing skills Romania
Nikolaj Dimitrov Paskalev Bulgarian as a foreign language Romania, Bulgaria
Kubasova Anna Romanian as a Foreign Language (Speaking, Listening, Reading), Romanian Lexicology, Romanian Phraseology Russian Federation
Semenova Daria Romanian as a Foreign Language (Grammar, Reading), Romanian Culture and Civilization, Romanian Literature Russian Federation
Semenova Daria Romanian as a Foreign Language (Grammar, Reading), Romanian Culture and Civilization, Romanian Literature Russian Federation
Ćorković Mirjana B.A. level: Contemporary Romanian Language (1st and 2nd year students), Romanian language (1st and 2nd year students), Translation studies (4th year students), M.A. level: Romanian Literature in Vojvodina (Serbia) Serbia
Ivana Ivanić Romanian as a foreign language, Contemporary Romanian (BA cycle), The history of the Romanian Language (BA cycle), The History of the Romanian Language (BA cycle), Balkan Studies (BA cycle), The History of the Romanian LAnguage (MA cycle), Reaserch method Serbia
Katarína Seresová German for Specific Purposes; Business German Slovakia
Jieanu Ioana Carmen Romanian - levels A1, A2, B1 Slovenia
Alice Fatone Italian Language; Spanish Language and Literature Spain
Cristina María Gámez Fernández Cultural Studies, English Spain
David Bullejos Martín Qualitative Research Methods and Electrical Markets Spain
Gema León Bravo Physiotherapy Spain
Irene M. Rodríguez-Gómez Embryology, systematic anatomy and systematic pathology. Spain
José Ángel Roldán Casas Statistics and Econometrics Spain
Leonor María Martínez Serrano English Spain
Mª Isabel Amor Almedina Educational orientation; Teaching curriculum planning Spain
Magdalena Reifs López The economy of the European Union; EU information sources; Economic history. Spain
Manuel Bermúdez Vázquez History of philosophy, Philosophy of culture Spain
María Elena Gómez Parra English Spain
Rafael Castro Triguero Structural Dynamics, Finite Element Method, Matrix Stiffness Method, Plate and Shells, Trusses, Frames Spain
Rafael Zafra Leva Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases Spain
Roberto Espejo Mohedano Statistics Spain
Dermenji Svetlana The Romanian Language, Phonetics, lexicology, Scientific research methodology, Stylistics The Republic of Moldova
Trinca Lilia Romanian language, Phonetics, Syntax, Intercultural Communication the Republic of Moldova