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The Quill project was presented in a number of events in order to report about the activities carried out and the results achieved.

Found 6 documents

Date Place Title
24/02/2023 Room Ferdinand, UAIC, Building A, Iași, Romania O abordare pragmatică a predării limbii române ca limbă străină în învățământul superior: utilizarea resurselor digitale pentru limbajele de specialitate din perspectiva Proiectului QuiLL – Quality in Language Learning
03/02/2023 Bragança, Portugal QuILL and LSP teaching and learning: innovative approaches and practices in the Portuguese Higher Education context
02/02/2023 Vilnius, Lithuania Forum: Digital literacy as Quality Assurance in Language Teaching Erasmus+ Quill project Multiplier Event
30/01/2023 Cordoba, Spain QuILL: Using Quality ICT-Based OER in Content & Language Teaching
25/01/2023 Kecskemét, Hungary From the Quill to the Pendrive. „A lúdtolltól a pendrive-ig” Digital Learning Materials in Teaching Languages for Special Purposes in Higher Education
20/01/2023 Bologna/Forlì, Italy (online event) Quality in Language Learning (QuILL): Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Solutions in Higher Education Language Courses