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Information and Contacts

The project partners are available to provide you with any information you may need. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Further Information

For further information please contact:
italy Lorenzo Martellini - Pixel - [email protected]

Project Partners:

Portugal Portugal – Elisabete Silva
Italy Italy - Lorenzo Martellini
Italy Italy - Sandro Moraldo
Alma Mater Studiorum - Universita Di Bologna
[email protected]

Spain Spain - María Elena Gómez-Parra
Universidad de Cordoba
[email protected]

Hungary Hungary - Eva Ujlakyne Szucs
Karoli Gaspar Reformatus Egyetem
[email protected]

Lithuania Lithuania - Loreta Chodzkiene
Vilniaus Universitetas
[email protected]

Romania Romania - Teodora Ghiviriga
Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza Din Iasi
[email protected]