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Database of Teaching Sources

A database of selected, reviewed, tested, assessed and validated e-learning based language teaching sources addressed to Higher education students for the learning of 18 different European languages.

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Learn Bulgarian

Date of Publication

reasonably recent

Target Group


Domain Area

Teacher Education

Learning Scenario

Autonomous learning
Classroom Context

Target Language


Language of Instruction

Any language

CEFR level


Type of Material

Guiding resources (online course/book)
Reference resources (online Dictionaries/ grammar guides/phrasebooks)

Linguistic Features





Source is a learning site focused on learning vocabulary and grammar.
It offers limited basic vocabulary, phrases and some grammar topics.
It is organized intuitively, is easily accessible and had downloadable audio files. The diction is good, the pace appropriate to the level of Bulgarian language study.
It offers games for language practice, which is a plus.
The video lessons are no longer available, which is an unfortunate development occurred after source identification.
Source addresses needs of beginner students in need of integration into a systematic language course.
It can be integrated into other activities on the revision stage.
Source can be validated in groups of different age groups of learners.
Source is useful mostly for introductory classes. Some lessons can be integrated into larger learning/teaching units.

Case study

This language course is one of the free-access resources which present the fundamentals of grammar, vocabulary and a dictionary. It has audio materials on some topics; these are downloadable and available without the internet link. Materials are appropriate for self-study and training while practicing listening comprehension and pronunciation and can be used both in audio and in audio-video mode. They do not involve preliminary knowledge of language and this is why each word comes with an English translation and transliteration into Latin script. It also includes interesting language games for practicing vocabulary and writing the words in Cyrillic. In the left-side column of this site one can find a good systematic list of some grammatical and lexical topics, which makes this resource more user-friendly. This teaching source could be useful both for the teachers (mostly in the section devoted to language games) and for the independent learners, as an additional material to other resources. Teaching source is can be used for levels A1 and A2. The site also gives some useful practical advice and guidance in language learning, which makes it appropriate for independent study.


1. Lecturer announces topic: Bulgarian verb.
(This complex part of speech needs special training, as Bulgarian possesses a narrative mood,
absent in other Slavic languages and in English, among others).
2. Lecturer gives examples from the list of the (12) most commonly used verbs presented in various forms in source.
Lecturer can add flash cards to illustrate actions described in example.
3. Students are asked to listen and repeat a few examples.
4. Lectuerer shows/gives a file with tables of verb forms organized according to grammatical categories.
5. Students are given fill-in-the gaps excercises (created by lecturer) focused on the verbs illustrated in examples.
6. Lectuere invites students to pair work: student 1 reads sentence in source (verb in 3rd pers.singular, which also stands for reference form in Bulgarian) , student 2 gives alternative forms (1st person)Той обича/he loves/likes - (аз) обичам/I love/like.
7. Revision: class repeats all (12) verbs in 3rd relation to flash card the lecturer or volunteer student shows.


Comprehensive approach
Capacity to match the needs of lecturers and students


Added value
The provided tangible improvements


Motivation enhancement
The capacity to motivate students to improve their language skills


Effectiveness in introducing innovative, creative and previously unknown approaches to LSP learning


Measurement of the transferable potential and possibility to be a source of further capitalisation/application for other language projects in different countries


Skills assessment and validation
Availability of appropriate tools for lecturers to monitor students’ progress and for students to assess own progress and to reflect on learning


Flexibility of the contents and possibilities for the LSP lecturers to adapt the contents to their and to students’ need


Assess the technical usability from the point of view of the lecturer and the student


Assess the accessibility from the point of view of the lecturer and the student


This easily-accessible ources presents a limited vocabulary, which recommends it as a part of larger language course.
It provides improvements by its capacity to stimulate language preparation on a beginners level
and motivates learners at this initial stage.
It is moderately innovative and totally tranferable, which can be seen in the list of other (50) languages included on this address.
Source provides opportunity for validation of listening comprehension, speaking and writing and reading skills.
It might be adapted to level A2 by recourse to additional sources and methods.
The site also gives some useful practical advice and guidance in language learning, which makes it appropriate for independent study.
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