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Learn Slovenian grammar online

Date of Publication

available on 30 October, 2021

Target Group


Domain Area

Teacher Education

Learning Scenario

Autonomous learning
Classroom Context

Target Language


Language of Instruction


CEFR level


Type of Material

Reference resources (online Dictionaries/ grammar guides/phrasebooks)

Linguistic Features





On this website: we can find a summary of the Slovenian grammar rules. This Slovenian grammar is to be found on over 100 pages with many illustrative examples. Written from the perspective of Germans for German native speakers. These lessons are suitable for people who are learning Slovenian as a foreign language at level A1 to B1. The grammatical elements are systematized in 7 larger groups:
1. General information on the Slovenian language
2. The noun in Slovenian
3. Adjectives and adverbs in Slovenian
4. The Slovenian verb system
5. The Slovenian pronouns
6. The sentence structure in Slovenian
7. Useful conversational knowledge for anyone learning Slovenian
Each lesson consists of a theoretical description in German and example sentences in Slovenian.

Case study

On this website we can find a systematic summary of the Slovenian grammar. The grammatical elements are divided into 7 larger groups and contain a total of 75 lessons. Each lesson contains a theoretical description and several Slovenian example sentences.
This website is designed so that people who learn Slovenian as a foreign language can look up the grammatical rules independently or in the classroom. The lectures can be read through thematically or just some parts can be studied. In addition to the grammar rules, we can find other useful information here, for example:
• the pronunciation of the written Slovene,
• The Slovenian alphabet, how the individual letters are pronounced and what similarities are with the German pronunciation,
• Useful expressions: the time of day, days of the week, numbers, and so on.


This website contains a systematic summary of the Slovenian grammar, therefore it is not suitable as the content of a teaching unit. This thematic description of Slovenian grammar is a reference work if the language learner does not understand something or wants to look it up. For German-speaking students who are studying Slovenian as a foreign language (teaching post), it is suitable as a theoretical background.


Comprehensive approach
Capacity to match the needs of lecturers and students


Added value
The provided tangible improvements


Motivation enhancement
The capacity to motivate students to improve their language skills


Effectiveness in introducing innovative, creative and previously unknown approaches to LSP learning


Measurement of the transferable potential and possibility to be a source of further capitalisation/application for other language projects in different countries


Skills assessment and validation
Availability of appropriate tools for lecturers to monitor students’ progress and for students to assess own progress and to reflect on learning


Flexibility of the contents and possibilities for the LSP lecturers to adapt the contents to their and to students’ need


Assess the technical usability from the point of view of the lecturer and the student


Assess the accessibility from the point of view of the lecturer and the student


The material is informative for both students and lecturers because students can work individually and with the help of the teacher. The instructional language of the material is German. The material is intended to a larger audience, and it is useful for both individual and classroom use. It is a well-constructed site to learn Slovenian as a foreign language.
This website is ideal for German-speaking students who are learning Slovenian as a foreign language at all levels. However, it is best suited at the level from A1 to B1. It is very precise work, unfortunately those who do not speak German cannot use the site.
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