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Training Package

Module 3

Table of Contents

Operative tools

Starting from the concepts worked on in Module 3, below you can find two operative tools containing the criteria to take into account when selecting a language teaching tool guiding the lecturer in assessing a teaching tool. For a more hands-on input, the examples provided are and EDUCAPLAY for Video Quizz.
Initial issues to consider before working with any of the tools presented
1. Please always be mindful of the objectives that support your research and the goals for your lessons. This app does not provide you with complete lesson blocks, instead these must be embedded in an adequate teaching context.
2. Please take into account the following criteria when creating a resource, namely adequacy, level of difficulty; applicability and efficacy.

OPERATIVE TOOL 1 for Learning App
1. Go to
2. Log in
3. Click on ‘create app’ and pick a template
4. Click on ‘create new app’
5. Follow instructions on how to fill in content
6. Save your app; finish editing and show preview
7. Share it or try it in a real learning scenario.

• Go to
• Choose and prepare your content depending on your students’ level of language, goal, domain (area of specialized information), time allotted for the activity, available technology
• Log in to your account
• Click on Create activities, new activity
• Select the type of activity you wish to create from the list of square icons
• Select the language
• Give a title to your activity and briefly describe it in the box provided
• Choose the grade level for your target audience from the drop-down list (normally choose adult, or over 19)
• Choose the content area that best fits your topic; if nothing fits, select Unspecified or Others
• Click Next
• Any information from the set above can be changed at any time by clicking Edit
• There are functions such as Privacy that are not accessible for the free mode.
• Add the video you want to use for the quiz; this can be done in 2 ways:
• Search a video by writing key words in the search bar and selecting one that you find suitable
• Click on Embed URL and copy-paste the (youtube) address in the box then click Establish
• Set the start time and stop time for the first video sequence by dragging the arrows at the bottom of the screen; if you are not sure about the time, you can click on the video and watch it and find the segment you want;
• After you have set the time for the segment click Add question
• Type the question into the segment box and select the type of response

a. Single = a multiple choice question with a single correct answer
b. Multiple = a multiple choice question with multiple correct answers

• For either of these questions type an answer in the Add answer box, then click Add answer for more answers, then click on the correct answer/answers when you have added all the answers

c. Written = small space for answer
d. Wide written = large space for answer

• Require the user to type the answer in the answer box
• To set the answers for these answers, variable answers, variable spelling, and punctuation must be considered and typed in as acceptable answers; sensitivity to capitalization is set early in the Setting section
• The user can choose to review the segment and gets feed back
• The user can see the score, the time it took to answer the questions and an also use the Play again function
• The feedback section can be used to provide more information about the answer, which will be available to the user AFTER the question has been answered
• Choose the appropriate Save option
• To move on to another segment from the same video, click Save and continue video; if you are finished with the video, click Save; Cancel will exit the video without saving the current segment, but will not delete segments you have already saved
• You can rearrange completed segments at any time by clicking and dragging them to the appropriate place.
• You can change the length of a segment by clicking Edit segment
• You can change the question by clicking Edit question
• You can delete video segments by clicking on the X on the right top corner of the box
• Before you can publish your activity, you need to make sure it has at least 3 tags to describe it.
• After adding them, the Activity can be saved
• You can get tips for improving your activity by clicking HELP = the RED button on the right
• You can preview what your activity will look like by clicking Preview in the ORANGE button on the right. When you are satisfied with your activity click Publish your activity in the GREEN button on the right.

Table of Contents