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Training Package

Module 3


It goes without saying that digital technologies potentialities to language teaching are immense. They can serve as inspiration and a basis for widening the scope of more innovative, creative and more appealing teaching resources. In this context, we will attempt to provide a wide-ranging definition of the concept of digital technologies-based teaching resources and explain the importance of choosing the adequate technical characteristics to the teaching purposes and appropriate resources (section1). We will then provide useful information on how to create simple to more complex e-learning based teaching/learning resources through the use of free software (section 2) and , finally, we will provide examples of basic programming concepts for creation of webgames, online-courses and apps for language learning and teaching (section 3), bearing in mind the proficiency of the user. The Module contents will be organised into 3 levels of knowledge (beginner, intermediate, advanced) to be assessed through an entry test. The contents of the module will be adapted to the user level (e.g. when addressing the creation of e-learning based teaching / learning tools for formative assessment, the beginner teacher user will be addressed to Kahoot or nearpod, among other simple digital tools). At the end of the module an interactive test will provide an assessment of the main aspects covered.


Section 1 – Defining the concept of digital technology-based teaching resources and choosing the appropriate technical characteristics

Section 2 – How to create simple e-learning based teaching and learning resources through the use of free software (beginner and intermediate levels)

Section 3 – Basic programming concepts for creation of webgames, online-courses and apps for language learning and teaching (advanced level)

Operative tools

CASE STUDY 1: English for tourism (creating an app through the use of

CASE STUDY 2: English for medical students – creating an app using the platform Educaplay based on a video.

Interactive Test