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Training Package

Module 1


The module will consist of a training course designed for lecturers who carry out their professional activity in the field of foreign languages, more specifically the field of languages for specific purposes, or alternatively, lecturers who carry out their activity in the field of any academic discipline and who need to cater their courses for non-native speakers of the language of instruction in their courses. In a nutshell, the module will provide language for specific purposes lecturers as well as content lecturers with foreing students in Higher Education with the necessary knowledge, skills and competences to identify and select existing quality digital-based OER teaching resources and assess their quality in relation to the needs of University students.
The main goal of this module is to provide a self-study, autonomous, and open course to help lecturers identify quality digital based Open Education Resources (OER) language teaching sources. However, this course will also provide guidelines for teacher trainers to prepare and implement onsite courses with the same or similar aims. The module is divided into three sections: The first one will provide with a basic theoretical background to lecturers about Quality Digital Based OER Language Teaching Resources by focusing on the features of their own educational contexts; the second one will provide a description of the methodological tools that will be employed in this module to discern which OER have quality from those which do not in relation to given teaching environment features; finally, the third section will guide lecturers through a hands-on activity in which they will apply such tools to their specific teaching contexts and students’ needs. This course will also include two case studies that lecturers can use to obtain a more specific idea about how to implemente the tools provided. The module will close with a final self-assessment test that educatiors participating in the module can complete to monitor their learning.


Section 1 – Identifying Quality Ditigal Based OER Language Teaching Resources in Higher Education Language or Content Courses

Section 2 – How to Identify Quality Digital Based OER Language Teaching Resources with LinguApp

Section 3 – Selection and Assessment of Quality Digital Based OER Language Teaching Resources with LinguAPP

Operative tools

Case study 1 – Selecting OERs in Spanish for Spanish for Veterinary Medicine at UCO

Case study 2 – Selecting OERs in English for General Purposes at UCO

Interactive Test