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Work in progress

This section allows a constant communication and sharing of information among the project partners as far as the activities for the different intellectual outputs are concerned. Each project partner upload this section of a three months basis.

Partners' Institution:

Vilnius University

Project's period (from/to):

01 March 2021 - 28 February 2023

Activity concerned:

PM - Project Management

Objectives of activities carried out:

to set up cooperation with the project coordinators and partners in clarifying the project implementation, as well as administrative and financial issues
to create and consolidate of the VU project group ( research, technical, financial and administrative assistance); to allocate tasks regarding IO1 ;
to ensure the project implementation and sustainability, to contact the administration and teachers of universities and colleges with a view to inform and engage in the project; also as associate partners
to make the project website available to speakers of Lithuanian ( translations of relevant pages)
to collect OERs for LT, LV, EE ( via the net search and contacts with HE teachers)
to finish collecting and to translate into the relative languages the OERs for LT, LV and EE
To contact potential users of the project website ( lecturers and students
to set up collaboration with University of Bologna on IO2
To draft Module 2 of IO2 ( in cooperation with the Italian team of researchers)
to continue work on IO2
To complete work on Module 2 and accompanying tools
To present the two intellectual products to the target group via associated partners
To get ready to host the third project meeting in Vilnius ( facilities and other technicalities)
To take part in the training in Braganca ( July 2022)
to carry on work on IO3 ( content)
To organise the testing of IO1 and IO2 by language teachers
to implement the training activities for teachers of universities and schools based on IO1 and IO2
to complete work on IO3
to prepare and hold Multiplier Event
to participate in the final project partner meeting
to contribute to the project final report

Description of activities carried out:

Participation in the kick-off meeting
Regular meetings of the VU project team to discuss the key activities and project progress ( once every two weeks)
Letters of invitation were sent to relevant universities in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to inform about the project and to engage in the project activities.
Preparation of the Lithuanian versions of the Associate partner's letter and template
Translation of the project LT pages and brochure into Lithuanian
The project was presented through numerous e-mails to potential partners and participants.
A promotional video that addresses teachers of LT, LV and EE was created.
The project was presented at two international events ( conferences) , also at three national events.
The project information appeared in social media ( FB)
There was a call from VU team to hold an extra meeting of the project partners to clarify the quality issues ( resources for native/non-native learners), The meeting was held on 20 May, 2021
The team started collecting the OERs for Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian focusing on their applicability in LSP in HE
Contacting HE institutions in the Baltic countries to present the project and encourage to cooperate ( via e-mail and phone calls)
Selecting the available OERs and uploading them on the project website
Translation of the uploaded OER into EN, LV, LT ,EE
VU team meeting on project progress ( June)
Coordinating summer time work and individual assignments
VU team completed the collection of the required numbers of OERs for the three languages.
Contacts are set up for translating the collected resources to meet the requirements of the project website
Contacts are set up for reviewing the resources on the website by lecturers and students
The team analyzed the draft of IO2 ( see the project meeting in Cordoba) and put forward suggestions regarding Module 2 content and emphasis
The communication platform & collaborative tools were agreed on with the UB research team
VU and UB teams held on-line sessions ( MS Teams) to agree on a common approach to work on IO2
Several on-line meetings and exchanges with the partners from Bologna university re the content of module 2
VU team closely cooperated with Bologna university team on IO2 regarding the operative tools and interactive test questions, carrying out peer revision.
Drafting scenarios for international and national training events
preparation for hosting the partner meeting in Vilnius
VU team contributed to the agenda and programme of the partners' visit in Vilnius
The project meeting, was hosted in VU on 6-8 July 2022( meeting room, technical facilities)
The partners/visitors were offered a welcome package and a cultural programme
Two VU team representatives took part in the training event in Braganca
in September and October VU team focused on preparing for the testing / trial of IO1 and IO2 ( informative e-mailing, research on the training format
In November 2022 the training/ trial of IO1 and IO2 was carried out
The writing of the IO3 section completed in December
Work on the LT version of IO3
Preparation of the ME: engaging policy makers and target audiences from various sections of education community
Collaboration with the LR Seimas, LR Ministry of Education and EDTECH national project in organising Quill ME
Engaging a wide tertiary and secondary target group in ME
Participation in the final project meeting and presentation of VU reports on the Testing results, ME, Dissemination, Sustainability plans

Results Achieved:

VU project team was created; all the administrative issues (employment) were resolved by April 2021
The team agreed to meet every two weeks to discuss the project progress and the activities ahead.
34 informative e-mails(letters) were sent to potential partners, teachers ( universities , colleges, academies) and language associations in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.
All the available project information ( brochure, website) was translated into Lithuanian.
The project was presented at national and international levels ( see Dissemination)
Three Associate partners have been engaged ( see Exploitation)
The resources description form was modified to match the research needs.
An extra meeting of the project partners was initiated to clarify the quality issues ( native/non-native learners)
20 Open educational resources have been uploaded on the project website
50 OERs were uploaded by the end of September.
8 teachers filled in "teacher Information" templates and agreed to be engaged in the Target group.
62 OERs were uploaded by the end of October on the project website
VU team has completed work on Section 2 of Module2 of IO2. The submitted text included all the components, namely, the text, resources, operative tools and case studies; besides - six questions for the interactive test
The VU internal team clarified the aims and content of IO2.
Collaboration with UB on Module 2 of IO2 started in November.
Three on-line meetings were held in Teams ( discussion, draft, peer revision)
The draft of IO2 Module2 was finalized and submitted to the project coordinator
The work on Module 2 of IO2 fully completed, the Module was submitted to the coordinators by the deadline.
the project was presented ( PP Presentation and workshop) during the online annual meeting of the LKPA ( Associated partner)
Meeting hosting tasks ( arrangement of meeting facilities and welcome packages) completed.
All the envisaged activities regarding the 3rd project meeting were carried out and pushed the project ahead.
Two project participants -Hannah Shipman and Ernesta Kazakenaite- took part in the Braganca training and reported the results to the VU team
54 teachers and researchers expressed interest in participating in the trial of IO1 and IO2
The format of the trial was worked out as: introductory session, self-study on IO1 andIO2 accompanied with consulting by VU team members, filling in the questionnaires
The 16-hour training course ( three stages) was successfully implemented. The participants feedback/evaluation is available on the project website
The Multiplier Event engaged 45 on site and 28 registered on-line participants; they represented all the sectors of the national education, both in major cities ( Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda) and in the countryside ( regional schools). The content of the event is presented in detail in the ME reporting documents
The partner meeting approved of the results achieved by the VU team