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Ensiapu / First Aid

Date of Publication


Target Group


Domain Area

Medicine & Nursing

Learning Scenario

Classroom Context

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Type of Material

Guiding resources (online course/book)

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Ensiapu learning material offers a plain language Finnish learning material on First Aid basics and life-saving procedures. The aim is to combine language learning and professional content. The material is intended to be used with a teacher. The material is in pdf-format. The contents are divided into two columns. The wider column has the actual text and the other column contains a glossary where difficult words are explained and closed compounds are divided for better understanding. The glossary contains also basic forms of words to help students to find them in the dictionary. Word explanations are supported by pictures. The glossary aims to support learning, to make reading faster and easier, to help the learner notice new words and to reinforce the acquisition of professional terminology. The material contains also an interactive review questions part that the teacher can use in different ways. Exercise may be done autonomously at home or they can serve as revision task at the beginning of the next lesson.

Case study

This teaching source suits to be used with non-native speaker student groups or as a support material for foreign health care students who are studying in mixed groups with Finnish speaking students. The material is plain language professional text and the text is accompanied by a glossary. The language learning is combined to professional content in clear and efficient way. Teacher support and guidance are fundamental in using this material and it is in fact intended to be used di classroom context. As the first aid issues are taught in class and learning takes place largely through practical work, it is important for the student to have the printed text material available in order to improve further the language learning part. In this way, he or she can study vocabulary independently after classroom session and review what he or she may have missed in class. The rich healthcare terminology presented in the material is relevant and useful but requires certainly further exercise not provided in this material. At the end of the first aid material, there is a vide section with interactive review questions that the teacher can use in many ways. The summary question section is very useful in reviewing the course contents and it suits very well a different range of active learning strategies such as paired discussions or role plays.


The material can either be distributed during the lesson while teaching the subject or, if the group has lower language proficiency level, it can be handed before lesson to the students in order to get them familiarize with the new vocabulary in advance.


Comprehensive approach
Capacity to match the needs of lecturers and students


Added value
The provided tangible improvements


Motivation enhancement
The capacity to motivate students to improve their language skills


Effectiveness in introducing innovative, creative and previously unknown approaches to LSP learning


Measurement of the transferable potential and possibility to be a source of further capitalisation/application for other language projects in different countries


Skills assessment and validation
Availability of appropriate tools for lecturers to monitor students’ progress and for students to assess own progress and to reflect on learning


Flexibility of the contents and possibilities for the LSP lecturers to adapt the contents to their and to students’ need


Assess the technical usability from the point of view of the lecturer and the student


Assess the accessibility from the point of view of the lecturer and the student


The material provides an efficient source of first aid vocabulary learning. It can be used as a main source for content integrated language learning or as complementary source. The free and open pdf-format can be easily distributed to students. The source match well the lecturers need to propose students material to support the Finnish learning of a very specific contents such as life-saving procedures and first aid basics. The contents are proposed in a clear and effective way. The practical approach enhances students motivation. The material is not technically not ambitious but it is easily accessible. The contents are flexible enough to be used in different learning contexts.
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